Arm your life everyday through prayer, and meditation.

There’s life after messing up, all someone has to do is get back up, and keep trying their best, to live the most positive life they can live. It’s really easy today to slip up with every thing on television, just being on the internet can lead to bad habits, sin whatever you want to…


I started here again because anger is the biggest roadblock I have ever seen. I have witnessed several beautiful souls consumed by anger and become different people. There is freedom in letting go, life is way to short to be angry all the time. If someone is angry about something then they haven’t forgiven somebody….

Staying positive in a negative world.

In order to keep a positive mindset it is important to remember to always stay guarded. Guard what you listen to, think about, and what you put your eyes to. In certain instances it may not be possible to get away from certain situations in those cases it’s important to keep your wits about you….