Make Plans For You

Showing love when all someone wants to do is get away I think is an attribute of the deepest kind of love. I think there are people that may be going through things we do not understand or even know about, therefore it’s better to not assume a thing about anybody. Sometimes it’s better to just ignore them and be the magnificent person, you are meant to be. It’s a common thing to make goals this time of year and that’s great but don’t wait for the New Year, if there’s a bad habit that you want to change DO IT👍🏼You Can Do It 🙌🏼 and you don’t have to wait. There is life without bad habits and I’m doing what I can to help. Stand up! For your life, make plans for the future. It’s time to learn to face the giant

Did you know, There are many benefits to writing down goals. When someone makes a list of things they have to do, it organizes it and helps them to trigger a plan. When the goals start being accomplished, it also makes someone feel better about themselves. Goals help us achieve more, because it makes someone get used to critically thinking about the day, and how to accomplish the tasks at hand. There are things someone should learn when making list and that is sometimes it’s necessary to fail, in order, to learn, and succeed so never give up after failing because which each failure, someone is one step closer to achieving their Goal. Challenges come and sometimes a list may take longer than a day to finish. The important thing is to be working towards something, a goal, more than likely, several of them.

Sometimes people feel a certain way about rituals and bad habits. They choose to believe a lie, that the habit makes them better. The thing to remember, is that usually the bad habits are exactly the thing, holding that person back. When I quit cigarettes I had to tell myself every time I ate, “what’s better than a cigarette after food? Me being healthier, living longer, and having more money, just to name a few.” Can you think of habits, people build up in their mind to make them seem better. Lies someone might tell their self to keep the habit going? I am here if anyone need me, I’m a bit behind on messages due to my other jobs. I do read a pray through them so don’t give up. I love you have the best, rest of the year, possible.

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  1. Waiting until a certain set time, to make plans, is wasteful. I wholeheartedly agree, if there is an idea in someone’s head, make it happen!


  2. It’s good to repent and reflect our bad habits before it will control us. Great sharing!


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