Pray 4 Me

I’m praying for wisdom, about keeping negative people out of my ears. There is a time to witness then there is a time to get away from the negativity of the world to get your own life right. Negative influences will take others down, and sometimes not even realize they are being negative. I pray that I can catch myself, before I am a negative force in someone else’s life. Words have power, and this means it is very important to watch what we say especially to impressionable people. I am choosing to be a dream chaser and not a dream crusher. Society is brainwashed into speaking negative into their own lives through television internet and radio. If someone wants to test me on this look for 10 shows on television with a positive message. It’s not easy if it’s even possible.

I have negative influences in my family and even though I love them I have to use wisdom about what I let someone speak over me, my family, and our lives. It’s important to remember that if you do not stick up for you and your own who else will. Some are unaware they are even being negative. The best thing to do is avoid the conversation with the negative person. I find myself changing the subject more often when I can not get away. I know sometimes it is not possible to get away from certain people, so I often find ways to steer the conversation away from the negativity. Compliment the person, and make it authentic. Most people know when it’s a fake compliment, therefore it’s better to find something real, and go with it.

Over the years I’ve struggled with habits, and one of the hardest habits I’ve ever attempted to break is negativity. I believe this is one of the many biggest problems in our world. As long as someone has a brain there will be negative thoughts from time to time, but I do believe the power of prayer, and practice can make them less frequent. Practice thinking the opposite of any negative thoughts you may have, and I believe this is one bad habit that can have less of an impact. I love you all and pray by the blood of Jesus all of our negative thinking will be replaced with powerful positive thoughts.

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  1. Prayer is very powerful! Keep on praying! God bless!


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