Getting the mind out of the gutter

Sometimes being positive takes perseverance, because it is not as easy to stay positive when things go wrong. Waking up late and having extra drama to deal with as soon as one wakes up, can attribute to this. Its important to wake up and spend the first few moments of the day in preparation. Quiet time with meditation, prayer and exercise is some of the best times to start the day because it can prepare someone for all the negative things that are going to happen throughout the day. Prayer and meditation prepare someone on a spiritual level and exercise will prepare someone physically. The exercise will do numerous other things that help someone get through their day.

Part of getting someone’s mind out of the gutter requires that person to be able to walk away from toxic influencers. Negative Ifluencers can be anyone, or anything that affects someone’s mind and can even be the person being affected if said person has a bad attitude. Attitude can be difficult to control so it’s important to safeguard ones attitude thoroughly all through the day especially when things go wrong. This helps with guarding our own attitude but what helps other influencers not get to me. I have put some strategies together to help get rid of negative influencers. The first thing is guard what you let in your minds eye. To do this honestly I find myself singing to myself over the radio when others have it on. I am also more careful about who I have conversations with. Have you ever been having a awesome day, until you talk to that one person? That conversation is the one to avoid, if it can be, I’m not telling anyone to blow off work, it’s all about guarding our lives, to keep our minds in check. In this world, full of darkness, let me ask this, if you are not guarding yours and your kids minds from the enemy, who is? The sad thing is this is the same in most families, No one.

The reasons their are so many minds in the gutter, because that’s where the enemy is leading them. One way to stop negative influencers is to identify who and what they are. I can honestly say that, that if you are reading this and don’t know what negative influencers are lurking in your life, then maybe you should focus, on the truth. The truth will set you free. When you cannot help from being in the store and the radio is on, sing a new song over it. Don’t think for a second they stopped using music for witchcraft. If it’s not coming from your heart to the Father then you could be saying a curse over the lives of the ones you love. That’s all I’m going to say about music, i just had to mention it because it’s a huge influencers, end of story. Well I’ll dive in to more of this soon……

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    1. Thank you I always appreciate any compliment I can get but we both know the glory don’t belong to me. I still appreciate you either way. Have a blessed day.


  1. One family member in our household just took a one week break from all books, video games, and tv. Their nightmares ended by the second night. So much influence enters our minds throughout the day. Sometimes, we just need a break!


    1. The enemy has been studying us for thousands of years they know what they are doing. I’m amazed at how vile everything has gotten on television I sometimes wish I didn’t have one but I must admit I love movies

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