Keep your Head Up, You Can Win.

Sometimes someone may wake up and feel discouraged. Life is full of obstacles and some may view these obstacles as triggers to use. It is all about perception. I understand the struggle when it just doesn’t seem as if the stressors of life will ever lessen. I have learned that the way someone perceives, the challenges of life, makes all the difference in the world. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, if someone can learn to focus on the right things. Focusing a camera on something makes things bigger right? The same thing happens if someone focuses on their problems. If someone can learn to focus on the solution, then the problems begin to shrink and seem way less difficult. I’m not saying there won’t be problems in life, I’m saying that when we emphasize, on the problem, it seems bigger and when we emphasize on the solution, we are making the problems smaller. There are going to be problems, and things will go wrong. If someone can not learn to handle these issues without facing the challenges, then they can not see spiritual growth. It’s imperative to learn to face challenges without running to bad habits. If someone has a hard time facing challenges I like to strategize, on overcoming challenges, without bad habits.

The first strategy is to break the problem down, into smaller problems, and take them one at a time. An example of this, to me, would be putting together a bookshelf. When someone dumps out the box, it can look overwhelming, but if they take it step by step the next thing they know it’s a complete bookshelf. The same principle applies to life take one small problem at a time. The next suggestion would be to find the smallest problem first so that it can help build up someone’s confidence. When a baby is born they learn to roll over, before they can crawl, and crawl before they walk. The same thing applies when some go through recovery, they have to learn to deal with emotions they may not have felt in years. My last suggestion would be to ask someone for help, because everyone needs help sometimes.

I love everyone if anyone needs prayer feel free to email me personally at

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