Arm your life everyday through prayer, and meditation.

There’s life after messing up take off that mask

There’s life after messing up, all someone has to do is get back up, and keep trying their best, to live the most positive life they can live. It’s really easy today to slip up with every thing on television, just being on the internet can lead to bad habits, sin whatever you want to call it because let’s face it almost everyone that spends Hours online see something that they did not want to see. (Inappropriate) If someone wants to stay positive it’s dangerous watching and listening to certain things. Silence is sometimes what someone needs to heal. Protect yourself and your family with prayer put your hands together to make it more powerful. This puts more angels to work on your behalf.

I like to read the parables of Jesus because I feel they all have so many meanings and I just pray one day somebody teaches me the first language. I’m at the point in my life where I love to learn, but there’s so much BS out there that it’s hard to find Truth anymore. So I read the Truth, the Bible. I suspect it’s been changed some too, I just have to trust that my gut will tell me the difference, when I read it. I believe the verse about His word, being able to see someone’s heart and the heart is what someone thinks about all day. When you go to the bathroom, while you drive. If we are not focused on trying to be a positive force, and keep letting people places and things (bad habits, sin), get us distracted, it’s very possible we can miss our chance at redemption. I pray for all of you to find your redemption. I love you and stay motivated.

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