DAnger anger

Life today can be frustrating. Circumstances make it hard to be joyful, when there is so much evil in the world. Part of being a positive person is staying positive even when things aren’t going the way someone expects it to. When I was young my father was always positive even when he was having a difficult time, and I never really understood why, until he was gone. When someone gives into anger they are not only, going backwards, they are also, releasing bad energy out around them. Remember, to be thankful for the things we want, and desire that has not yet happened. When someone learns, to do this they can, not only, move forward but they will also, release positive energy around them. Someone may be watching, and although, it may not influence their life for years to come, it will influence them. This means someone must be a positive example, because someone is always watching, and every choice is always affecting their future.

There are already enough angry, people walking around, and it’s easier for someone to get angry, than to stand up, and say that they will not be like everyone else. A positive person will look for positive solutions, instead of getting upset. Someone that can change their mindset and be positive when negative things are happening, around them, can and will change, their life. It is not smart to stay angry, when living a positive life, because it is not a positive thing. Find a way to walk in love, because this is the emotion it takes to remain positive. One should Separate their self from negative thinking, and thought patterns. They can Find a way to meditate on a Bible verse, or a positive song, when they know they are soon going to be around a negative person, they can not avoid. They should Find something good, about that person, and focus on that, even when they are trying to press, their buttons. Someone should also find hobbies they really enjoy even if it’s a few minutes. I think a hobby should not be considered as television but something more productive. Anger will affect every aspect of someone’s life if they do not find a way to, just get over it. If someone learns to be slow to anger they may realize that, there really is no reason to be angry.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

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  1. Dragthepen says:

    Yes. I wrote about this same subject on my Facebook dragthepen blog. The world seems to gravate towards being angry then learning to release the anger and learn that the world would be a better place with more positive vibes.💖


    1. Dragthepen says:

      Absolutely the truth


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