The Truth Will Set You Free

One bad habit is not telling the truth. Sometimes, it feels nearly impossible to actually tell the truth. People lie to try and protect themselves, and others from being hurt. Then some lie to hide the truth, because they are ashamed. The thing is someone may have many excuses to lie, including using it as an excuse to keep up with their bad habits. Lies will always catch up to someone when they constantly avoid telling the truth. I feel lies are another addiction, only because I’ve met some that, do nothing but lie. I’ve told more lies, in my life when I used than I’d like to admit, and pray one day I will be able to make everything right.

Sometimes the truth is terrifying, and sometimes it’s enough to keep someone, in their lie, even when it’s obvious to everyone around them it is a lie. The most important thing to know is lying is like a web, and when someone weaves a web of lies they get caught in the web. The more lies this person tells the more tangled they become.

I recently heard someone say that if someone wants a strong mind, the best thing for them to do, is face the things, that make them the most uncomfortable. I feel as if the most uncomfortable for most is the truth, especially when that person has a lot of bad habits. People need to realize, that as long as they keep lying they are stuck in their bad habits. These people are hiding from the truth. Learn to seek the truth because the truth will set someone free.

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