Challenge Yourself

Life comes with challenges, but if someone does not challenge theirself, they may find themself falling for the tricks of the enemy. Someone, should Hold on to faith, and search, for the Truth, without, depending on a man. One should Remember it is said, not to put our faith in man, because man is fallible, and flawed. It doesn’t matter who the president is, it’s ok to respect them, and pray for them, but do no put your faith in them. It seems that it’s the exact opposite of that these days, because the president gets disrespected. Living a positive life means putting away childish things, disrespect.

People should find the thing that challenges their self the most, and staying positive and attack it. The problem is most people, are to busy, and caught up in Habits, which some of these habits are scientifically designed, and have been modified to make someone act like a zombie. Have you ever seen a kid after they have eaten way to much sugar? I feel all bad habits, may feel good at first, but in the the end they take the subconscious, or spirit, down. When I smoked cigarettes I sometimes thought about the next cigarette while I smoked the one. This is where to draw the line, because you know, it cannot be natural, to crave something that much, to think about it while your still enjoying the habit. It’s a all to familiar thing to do with any bad habit because it’s meant to do that. I want to challenge each and every reader to challenge yourself to quit a bad habit and start a good,positive, healthy habits.

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