Put that a$$ back up

I believe that this world can be evil, it really depends on, how its used. I have some great analogies and I feel that it is necessary. Keep in mind it was used quite a few times in the Bible. TheThe First thing I want to say, is it means, what it says. When someone let’s their a$$ show they are releasing bad energy. This is also considered to be vulgar and not meant to be shown. The first thing they might be doing is offending or upsetting someone. Letting someone’s a$$ show can also not be physically having their pants down, but it can also mean to show their a$$ in public by being immature. Using profanity in front of small children should not be exceptable, but now it plays on the radio and kids sing along, to it like it’s nothing. Kids get influenced enough by the I nternet, and radio they don’t need adults helping. The sad part is a majority of adults do this without even knowing it,just by singing along g to the radio. A small childs mind is like a sponge and what is said around them, is going to affect them. Another way someone might show their ass, in public, is causing someone else to sin. There is a time, and a place for everything, and some of the outfits, worn in public today, used to be reserved, for the bedroom. Ladies put your a$$ back up when you are around married men. Men put your a$$ back up when ladies are around. Lust is the wrong kind of attention, and energy to put Into the world. Find a positive way to meet someone, and you’ll attract a more positive soul.

When someone runs a red light and almost runs you off the road put the a$$ back up. Someone may be watching, and this could be that one positive act that saved their life, or the negative one that influenced them, and cost their life. Our actions matter put that a$$ back up. Thank you I love you all stay tuned…..

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