Fixing our Focus

Think about what you want out of life instead of what you think might happen call it in as it is already happening.

Saying negative things can plant negative, seeds, in ones mind. This is called being part, of the problem. Finding faith and making positive, affirmations will plant positive, and motvating seeds, in ones life. Be the motivating force, others may need, in life. In other words be a part of the solution, a light to stand against the darkness. Someone should strive to be a positive person, and meditate on the word in order to challenge oneself. His word will be the thing that challenges us the most, because we are supposed to leave our fleshly desires(bad habits) behind and pursue righteousness. We are nothing without the righteousness of the One that took our place and made the ultimate sacrifice for our souls. He sees our hearts which means He knows our motives, and without challenging ourselves, with the Word the enemy will come, in with his evil motives and distort ours. Think about the last song you recognized in the grocery store, was the song based on pure righteous motives or was it something designed to bring someone down? Sadly a majority of music is designed to take someone down. It’s time for someone to show enough maturity to grow, someone should not expect to be spoon fed forever. Learn to turn away from habits without help, but learn to ask for help when its needed. find a standard and stand against the darkness. I’m not here to tear anyone down I’m here to tell there is hope. There is a way, to step into freedom, and it starts with one, positive choice at a time. Bad habits are a road block, but with faith the biggest mountain, in the way, can be, and will be, removed. It starts in the mind, someone must take the first step. One of my favorite movies growing up was Where the red fern grows. In the movie it teaches about meeting the Father halfway. Someone can not expect to keep going to the bar, and to get delivered from alcohal. Just like someone, can not continue to entertain themselves, with something that glorifies bad habits, and expect it to not feed their spirit negativity. It starts with one choice at a time, and this is where the battle lies, because it starts in the mind. When someone eats garbage food they feel like garbage. What is someone, feeding their spirit? Phillipians 4:8 is a good starting point. These are the things, that someone, should start feeding their spirit.

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  1. Dragthepen says:

    This is a very inspiring post. More people need to learn how to speak positive affirmations out loud they would amazed at the change in their lives.👍


    1. I always enjoy your comments and I look forward to them.


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