Drugs, and (habits) Suck

If things could be changed and I could change the past I would devote every minute I spent on cigarettes, on something positive,instead. If I were to calculate the minutes I had spent in twenty years, on cigarettes i would be calculating all day. It blows my mind how much time, energy, and money I devoted to something that never did anything, positive for me. I let drugs suck the life out of me, and the whole time I thought I was getting something out of it. The time, the money, the sickness all of it, and for what? The lie I told myself, that it was helping relieve my stress. The whole time I smoked cigarettes the stress was still there. This is what cigarettes (bad habits) do to a person they suck their life out, or as much of it, as they can. Some will read this and think this does not apply to them , They tell themselves this habit does not control me. I am here to tell everyone bad habits do control someone, as soon as they give into them. When someone tells their self I smoke because it helps with stress. This is a lie the stress is still there, the stress that they are really alleviating is the stress from the body telling them they need those addictive chemicals. I am here to tell you, you do not need them. Can you think of a lie, someone might tell them self in order to continue a habit? Instead of telling oneself lies to keep bad habits, someone could tell themselves truths to make, and continue good, and healthy habits.

I have to apologize to everyone, because I have had this article, on my heart, for over a week, and have been struggling with circumstances, of my own, and haven’t written it out. Everything starts with a choice, and by me choosing to put off this blog, the enemy was able to attack. Bad habits are like poison and each person is like a small body of water and once, one drop of poison gets, in the water, it can affect the whole body of water. I have used this analogy before, because it’s the best one to describe bad habits.

The energy someone brings in their life depends on them, and giving in to bad habits bring bad energy, that causes bad things to happen. Bad habits are sins, and the Bible clearly states the wages of sin is death. The person sinning may not see death right away but it brings them one step closer. Life is a spiritual battle with each choice someone is choosing life, or death, good or bad. Are we feeding the flesh or are we feeding the soul? A person isn’t born an addict except the rare occasion when the mother is on drugs. The point, I’m trying to make, is that it starts with a decision. So therefore if someone is going to use the decision starts in their mind. If someone is pressuring someone else to use they are still making the decision at some point whether or not they are going to give In to the pressure. The person will also make a decision if they are going to go around this person pressuring them again.

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