Repentance is something a whole lot of people get confused about. What is repentance? Repentance is to be sorry for an action, and to turn from it. Many believe that they can do their bad habit, repent and then go right back to the habit, the next day, and repent again. This is not true repentance, because when someone plans on doing the same thing, they aren’t truly planning on turning from it. They may feel bad about it enough to be apologetic, but it takes true repentance to turn away. I was led to write about this because, I have been guilty of this mindset, for a long time and I’m still learning, on how to let go of old habits. I believe when someone is truly ready, to give up a bad habit, even when they’re addicted, they will find a way to quit.

There is always things someone can do to get help for breaking bad habits. I believe talking helps and I am always willing to listen. I also believe in replacing bad habits with good habits because they help to motivate someone to find healthy options for their life. Finding someone, that can be a sponsor, or a mentor, can be a huge help, because having someone to help be accountable, will help during rough times. I personally find that writing helps, because I’m able to get what I feel out, and that makes me feel motivated. Staying away from negative music, and movies is a big help, because let’s face it movies and music are full of bad habits especially illegal drugs, which I think is sad. Someone should Stay away from people with the habits that are the same as theirs. If someone had a problem drinking alcohol then the worst place for them to hang out is a bar. These are a few ways to get away from bad habits. Can you think of some, I may have missed?

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  1. Dragthepen says:

    Hi. This letting go of bad habits takes time. Some people teach that once a person repent that they are instantly healed from the habit they are trying turn away from.


    1. I believe some have to work for it in order to build their faith. It may be necessary because when someone sows habits into their life they have to reap it with hard work and faith to be free either way. I know every person can be free if they really want it. This is the reason I’m here to help the ones that are seeking that help.


    2. I do however believe that someone can be delivered instantly only through the power of God


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