Letting Go

Sometimes life may throw things at someone that they just don’t know if they can handle. It is these times in life when it seems as letting go is the last option one can take. If something seems to hard to handle, there are ways to not let them affect ones sobriety. One way to prevent things from overwhelming someone is to let go of the thing. Find another obstacle that’s easier to tackle, and go for it. This can help to build confidence, which can help to later tackle the more difficult challenges faced. Let go of the negativity that may be holding you back.

Letting go also means someone is forgiving others when they hurt, or offend someone else. It is important to forgive, when living a positive life unforgiveness will stunt someone from being positive, and will have them digging a hole for themselves.Holding things in can be more damaging to the person with unforgiveness in their heart, because the other person may not even realize they have offended anyone. Don’t hold on to things that may hold you back. To be continued……

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