Healthy Positive Habits

It is difficult these days, to live, healthy with chemicals being added to everything, to make, them more harmful. Some even believe, they are spraying the skies, with harmful chemicals. I am not going to discuss this here, because that is not what this blog is about. This blog, is solely about breaking the bad habits, and creating good, positive habits. The first habit i will discuss is exercise. Exercise is one of the only, good habits that will actually, give someone what they call, a natural high. this is because it releases endorphins, in the brain. It will also do many other, good things for the body including, toning it up. The next good habit is a healthy diet. This can be difficult, for those on a budget, but I believe, that if someone shops while things are on sale, they can manage to replace some of the bad, with good foods. My favorite healthy foods are called super foods. I think super foods are wonderful for the body and they make someone feel great also. I will discuss these late in another blog because, this is one of my other passions.

The next healthy habit is, prayer, and meditation. I believe this is important to do first thing, in the morning, because it helps someone make it through the stressful parts, of the day. When someone can reflect, on what they learned, earlier, and prevents them from meltdown. Focusing on what they meditated on will help them to see that they can make it through the day without getting so frustrated. I feel that is important to stress that, when someone is meditating, they must meditate, on positive things, because if someone meditates, and thinks negative things, the whole time, it will have a reverse affect on them. The next healthy habit is, learning how to do a craft, or even doing a craft that someone loves. I am going to stress something here, because I am guilty of this too. I make music and I used to do it a whole lot, when i had some pretty bad habits. When someone is creating anything, i feel it is important to stay positive, because I believe in energy, and i know it can be transferred into the music. I can prove this because, I have beats I made, when I was in a positive state, and some when i was really depressed. One can literally feel both energies when they hear the music. If someone doesn’t make music, they can always find some positive songs, with a positive message. The words have a whole lot to do with this, if the song is about sex, drugs, murder, or racism, it is not positive. This is not an easy task, which is why, i make my own.

the next healthy habit is finding a positive group of people, and linking up a couple nights a week. If this can not be done, then try one night a week. If someone can not find positive people, maybe find a group online, for positive people. Remember stay away from toxic people, if someone is always starting drama, then chances are they are toxic to the group. Another healthy habit is writing, I know everyone is not going to enjoy this one, but I really love to write, and If I could, find a way, to do this for a living, I sure would. Playing sports can be a positive habit, if the people playing are positive people. Getting a pet or finding someone less fortunate, to help, can also be a positive habit. Creating something, is always a positive habit as long as the person creating the object is thinking positive things. photography can be a positive habit also. The thing to remember, is just about any habit can be positive, or negative, it is all up to the person if they want to be positive. Can you think of some positive habits I missed? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. anne leueen says:

    Positive people. This is essential. The negative Nellies and Nelsons just cannot be allowed to stay.

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    1. i really feel for those that live with negative people, and I pray for them often.

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  2. Replace fear with faith..What a thought!!

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    1. It’s a very basic statement, and probably could be done better. 😁


      1. I found this statement very reflective. Thanks for sharing itπŸ˜‡


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