Run from Triggers

When someone is faced with a trigger the best thing for them to do is run. What is a trigger? A trigger is something that makes someone feel the need to use or to revert back to a bad habit. It’s important to know oneself and what one can or can’t handle. This is so that if something comes up, someone can not handle, they can get away from the situation. If they cannot get away one thing they can do is being someone that will help them stay accountable. If someone is serious about breaking bad habits they will do what it takes to stay away from Triggers. It’s important to realize when someone is breaking bad habits, it’s like they are taking baby steps, therefore they should not put themselves in situations they are not comfortable with. Taking smaller steps first will help them gain confidence, and momentum. If someone has had a bad habit for a number of years there are going to be Triggers but if they strategize they can minimize the amount of triggers they will have to face. One trigger that is hard for many to face is depression. Depression can take someone down a dark path, and this is where staying positive can play a big role in beating them. One of the best ways to fight against depression is working out. Working out releases endorphins which help a great deal.

The best advice i can give someone quitting a bad habit is to stay away from others doing that habit. Facing a trigger head on,

the good news is, it is possible to walk away. Strategize so that the day is not as stressful, having less stressful situation caon also prevent triggers. Stay away from toxic situations and toxic people. Someone should avoid people places and things that remind them of using. They should also avoid music or movies with the habit in them. They should also make sure not to glorify the habit in their head, or talking about it with others. It’s easy to remember the good parts of a habit and not remember that crappy feeling of getting ripped off, waiting for someone for hours, or even having horrible withdrawals. Someone should try and have healthy eating and sleeping habits too. There are many things someone can do to avoid bad habits, but my favorite strategy is making good clean healthy habits, because these are cool ways to forget the bad and start something exciting and new. The last strategy is meditation and prayer. If anyone needs prayer shoot me an email. I love you all

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