A farewell letter to cigarettes I wrote just after I quit.

I used to think about you every morning and every night. I could not wait to hold you and taste you. I used to love you and chase you, but no longer will I face you. These feelings I was feeling could not be right. No longer will I chase you, embrace you. It makes me sick to think of all the money I waisted and I’m writing this letter in case that I have a bad day to remind myself of the feelings I have towards you now. You are poison you stink you have never contributed anything positive in my life. You’ve gotten in between me and my wife. You’ve taken my last dollars and made me short on bills. I was stupid and thought you were stress relief not even remembering. Smoking Kills. By james a letter to cigarettes

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  1. Nadine says:

    Love it ❤ wish my father will think the same way about cigarettes


    1. Don’t give up I smoked them for 20 years. One day I just had a wake up call and quit. I will remember him in my prayers.


  2. Man of Proverbs says:

    I’ve done analytical testing on the stuff at work before. The amount of poison going into one’s body from that stuff is amazing.

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    1. And they are consistently adding more

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      1. Man of Proverbs says:

        Yep, and the e-cigarettes are actually worse


      2. I believe it I think that was designed for kids to get them hooked early

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