Running from Habits everywhere I go

No matter which way someone turns theirs another habit find the healthier positive ones and run from the bad ones.

People lose their faith, because of what they are feeding their spirit man. When someone has negative habits it stunts their spiritual growth. People are not all good, and the people with the most money, in the world, get rich, by keeping others in bondage. They do this by promoting more bad habits which makes them more money, because they promote the habits, they wouldn’t give their own children through media, television, internet, and commercials. It’s time to learn to feed the spirit, your subconscious. Look this up if you don’t believe me. I’m not here to condemn I’m just telling the truth as it is revealed to me, in my meditation, prayer, and growth. Everyone needs their quiet time, and when they don’t think they need it, it’s usually when their conscious mind is not in sync with their subconscious mind. It also means they are running from the truth. The truth always hurts, and it’s never the easiest route, but always the most rewarding, in the end. I’m going to cut this article short so it can sink in cause it’s deep, it was for me anyway. I love you, stay positive.šŸ˜Ž

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