Leave Your Prayer Request Here.

I will start this off with mine feel free to add your own and whenever someone reads they should pray for everyone else’s and then add their own.

My prayer request: I need a great job so I can stop delivering food. We need a car and we need something to be done about our living situation. Our air conditioning is not working and hasn’t been and I have not been getting much sleep. We have talked to the landlord over and over and our apartments been getting close to 90 degrees. It’s been a really hot summer and I need some kind of relief for the whole situation. Thank you all.

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  1. May the Divine bring you all you need and all that will bring you joy. I am moving and need a mover at a really, really good price (free would be great haha). My husband cannot lift of haul ANYTHING at all. So, please, dear God, send me the helpers I need to move into our new digs.

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    1. Thank you for your support, and I will make sure I add you to my prayers as I go through the day

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  2. Al Masturoon says:

    A friend of mine and someone who we have been helping is having surgery in the morning of the 8th of July. Praying for successful surgery for her

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    1. Thank you for you support I will definitely add her to my prayers throughout today and the morning.

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  3. Hi- Sorry you are having so much trouble. Listen to Neville Goddard. I took his message to be my own. Really worthwhile for me. Actually life changing. It will help I am sure. https://youtu.be/GUKRyvnpTz0

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    1. Thank you, I consider myself to be blessed if the devil wasn’t attacking me I’d know I wasn’t doing what I am supposed too. I will check this out and I thank you for everything.

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      1. Friend- You are certainly welcome and I hope this video helps, which I know it will. Neville Goddard’s message has definitely changed how I view the world and especially myself. It is timeless actually from the 1950’s. Good luck to you and of course you are blessed like you say you are.

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  4. Jerry Peri says:

    May God bless and meet you at the point of your needs!


    1. Thank you I know He will.

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