Just Shut It

I learn this lesson more and more every day. Even Thumper from Bambi knew that if you can’t say something nice not to say anything. The question is why is it so hard to live by this principle? The world bombardes everyone with negativity on a daily basis, and it is up to each individual how to handle this fact. Learning when not to speak, can be detrimental to someone’s career, and life. When I was a manager at zaxbys chicken, a fast food restaurant in Enterprise Alabama, there was an employee that called out all the time. One day I was just coming in for my shift and someone said something to me about that person. I was upset already for some reason or another, and asked “what, did she call out again?” I was not aware that not only, she was behind me, but she had also, volunteered to work a shift someone else had called out for that night. I then upset her so much that she didn’t work. If I had just shut it, the night would have been more of a success.

I have found that it is imperative to listen first, then think about what one wants to say and if it is important enough to say it. It is wise to think to oneself is this statement uplifting or beneficial to the person. Remember, what we talk about brings energy into the world it is up to each person as to what energy they are creating. Speak positive things into existence, and stop bringing negative energy, in your life and the life of others. A good way to practice this at home is through affirmations. Speak what one wants instead of what one sees or feels. Think positive and it will help you speak positive. It starts with one thought at a time.

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  1. Sometimes, silence is the best demonstration of wisdom. No wonder the scriptures says to be quick to hear and slow to speak. A fellow who listens well and processes what he hears accurately will definitely be refined in his speech. Sometimes, we just need to learn to shut up, listen, observe, and think things through before we react.


    1. I agree completely the Word speaks of the tongue being as a rudder to a ship which controls the direction of our lives. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.

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  2. monicatbd says:

    This is great! You know, it’s funny, but I even use “please” and “thank you” for my Amazon Alexa!! 🤣🤣🤣 I figure she could use extra support too. 🤓🤓🤓


    1. That is funny and I love it. Thank you for reading and I appreciate you taking the time to write.


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