So it’s a Holiday

I firstly want to say happy fourth of July. It’s important to remember especially times like today when others think it’s a big party, stay strong. You can do this! I have faith that just because it’s a holiday does not mean people have to go back to their old habits. If someone does slip up, don’t beat yourself up, just stop doing the thing, and step into freedom. It’s easy to revert back to old bad habits, on days like today, but the truth is that their is hope. If there is a habit that is still a temptation to someone the first thing to do is stay away from that particular habit. If this is not possible, someone should bring another person, someone that will not be doing that habit, or other bad habits, to help, stay accountable. Another tip to stay away from bad habits today, is praying for others to stay strong. I have you all in my prayers for I need prayer myself. Thank you and Happy Fourth.

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  1. This is a positive place for positive people who are seeking freedom.


  2. Counsel well given!


  3. Ron says:

    Because you don’t know you are because now your confused because someone called into the light for all to see.


    1. I’m confused because I don’t know what’s been added or subtracted from the Bible


      1. Ron says:

        That is why your confused I have studied everyword, comma ,semi colons for 14 yrs. I have read the old manuscripts they don’t want to know about.


      2. Some of us don’t have the luxury of getting a hold of them or I would have read it all too. I read what I thought was the whole Bible at the age of 12


      3. Ron says:

        I thought the same thing to. You have my email address let’s talk.


      4. Ron says:

        I will contact later my sister in law is in the hospital er right now. I will get back to you.


  4. OneLife says:

    It’s a welcome reminder mate 🙂 .


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