We are in a Battle

The biggest lie people believe today, is there is no God, and there is no devil. If there was no God there would be no good, and if Satan did not exist there would be no evil. I have seen both good and evil with my own eyes so therefore, I am pleading with my readers, to follow, this simple article. The world is full of good and evil, positives and negatives. It is because we were born into this world, of sin, and death, we have to learn these things. A child does not simply learn to do wrong, they are enticed early to do the wrong things which cause them to sin. I believe the world is getting more evil, because there are some not teaching their children, the difference between right and wrong, negative and positive. they can do anything, because there is no right and no wrong. There are many reasons for the evil in the world but that another article. There is always a positive choice and negative choice. Someone will decide to eat a healthy diet or junk food. Someone may decide to study and learn or watch television. Someone may decide to lie and hide the truth, or tell the truth and face the consequences. I think that everyone understands choices are vital to the outcome of our lives. When breaking bad habits it’s necessary to realize that because of the bad wrong choices it is now necessary, to deal with the habit, which may be something small The battle is turning our backs on the negative life and realizing we were made for so much more, than bad habits. The battle begins when someone decides instead of ignoring problems, that they will face them. The battle begins when someone wakes up and fights for doing good positive things. The battle for everyone’s soul is a personal battle, and at some point in their life they must decide what road to take. I am here if anyone needs prayer.

a better email to reach me is jdcarter1980c@gmail.com

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  1. Harbans says:

    Acceptance makes difference.


    1. Thank you so much for all your support.


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