Sometimes we all need Help

Everything we do matters, every choice someone makes throughout the heir day, matters. When someone wakes up and decides to be, in a horrible, mood, it still matters. It’s important to understand that even when someone is not speaking they radiate an energy, and it matters. Part of breaking bad habits it’s learning, what bad habits are. I feel like a bad habit, would have to be anything that creates bad negative energy. I think another definition could be anything that comes between someone and their higher power. The important thing to realize is there is hope. There are always resources and people available, to help anyone looking for it. I am always willing to talk to anyone. My email I may give out my number over time, but for now, I am going through my own struggles. I believe this is therepuetic , for me. I feel that helping others is a way for me to get things off my mind and hopefully I’m helping someone out there. I read all the comments when they are not blocked. I appreciate everyone that had positive things to say. I may not respond to everyone, but I do try to engage everything.

Withdrawals and cravings can be a horrible thing to face alone, and eventually I’d like to have 24 hour helpline for people that need to talk because it’s easier for someone to have moral support.

I have other ways to deal with withdrawals and stress too. Crafts, making music, work, workout, cooking, writing, reading, traveling when I have the money. I do have a question everyone can respond… What are we here for. I’m here to help break bad habits and create positive good habits. I’m also here to be around others that know positivity is a better way to live. It’s important to surround ourselves with positive people. I want to be around someone that can teach me something real.

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