I am going to make my mind positive, by taking control of the situation. I will control the situation, when it’s necessary, and I will not let negative thinking, or people change my progress. I will not plant negative seeds in anyone’s mind, by saying negative things. I will be positive and worry about my own path and not try to walk someone else’s. Speaking over oneself is a sign of faith. This is someone speaking things into existence. Get excited with it. Don’t pray for something your whole life but then, when something bad happens, say that thing you been praying for, will never happen. This is it’s when faith is most important. Someone should Hold on, to their faith. Speak positive over your whole life, before anyone has a chance to say bad things, about you. There is always a way when there seems to be none. Wake up to positive affirmations. Get positive when it’s time to wake up remember today is going to be a positive day. I am going to help others break bad habits today. Sometimes if you can not say anything positive, it’s best to not speak. Just remember that what your thinking about, matters so it should stay positive. I make up positive rhymes to preoccupy myself in order to stop thinking of something negative. Sometimes it may be necessary to ask for help handle this with wisdom, because staying positive is hard work.

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