Why am I here?

I’m a regular person, so why am I here. I never really grew up, till my dad died. That was the day, when I finally woke up, and realized things are going to be different. I’ve learned more about life, since that day than I’ve learned throughout my whole life. With every lesson I’ve learned, I’ve gone through trials to learn them. There are always going to be obstacles when someone does the right thing, because the right thing is never the easy thing. I am simply here to help others find their own way to break bad habits and replace them with good habits. So who says what is a bad habit? I’m glad someone finally asked, thats the beauty of it, it’s only for those that ask for it. When someone is to proud to ask for, or seek help, when they need it, they can not even, help themselves. I am not here to tell you your doing wrong I am here to say there is hope, for those that seek it. Thank you for reading……

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