What Does Your Energy Say About You.

I am a believer that, attitudes are contagious, if someone doesn’t believe this, how come it is so easy to tell when somone walks into a room when someone’s been talking about them. The energy in the room says it all. Here is another example: I used to manage a resteraunt, and things would get really chaotic really fast. One day, everyone was in great spirits, laughing and having a great day. An employee, that was having a bad day stormed in threw her stuff down and basically stopped everyone dead in their tracks. The point I’m trying to make is what someone is feeling and thinking about, comes out. They may he able to change their tone of voice, and facial expressions, but their energy is screaming other things, to everyone else in the room.

How, can we therefore guard our own attitude in a world full of negativity. I like to think it starts with one person at a time. The next time, anyone finds someone with this kind of energy, it’s important not to let on, anything is wrong. Instead of giving the negative energy power, by asking, “what’s wrong?” Tell that person they look nice today. Give them a legitimate compliment. Do not make something up it’s very important to find something positive and use it. They may have a negative response, and if that happens it’s ok, give them another compliment. If after two compliments they are not giving out a more positive attitude, then the best thing to do is abort the situation, and safeguard their own attitude. This is just advice, remember I am human and am by no means am I perfect. Everything we think, say, and do have a ripple affect, that affects every aspect, of our life, if we let it. I’m going to focus on thinking positive. When I here something negetive I can not get away from I have a little game where I receive positive rhymes in my head, therefore blocking out the negative talk. Don’t let others plant negative seeds in your thoughts. Thank you….. LOGOS

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  1. Julie Krupp says:

    Great article, I loved the rhyming in your head. I will have to come up with my own version of that. Thanks for prompting me on this. πŸ™‚


    1. I struggle with this one every day it’s a constant battle, which is how I know I’m on to something. Thank you so much for the compliment. I have another hobby with music I thought about making g a whole CD with positive songs and rhymes. Maybe there is someone else into music and writing I can collaborate with on here.


  2. mmyselfni3 says:

    I look for the amusement πŸ‘€πŸ€£


    1. I always appreciate everyone’s input.

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