Be Happy

Its really not that hard, to be happy. Some are addicted to being miserable and it shows. It’s not like someone has to be happy, but it is better for someone’s health. Why does it matter, and will it affect someone in a negative way? No, nothing about being happy will hurt anyone. Sometimes being happy can be contagious, have you ever been around someone that just had something about them that made you laugh, inside? It’s all about perspective. when a person wakes up they have two choices to be happy, and joyful, or to hate the world. I can not stress how important it is to set the tone of the day by being positive. When someone is stuck in traffic they should stay positive. It’s important to be the positive energy in life, and not the negative. Two men, can have the same job, and Almost do the exact, same thing every day. Man number one hates this job. He comes home every day complaining to his wife. Man number two finds ways to make his job more exciting. He loves to work, and loves his job. Everyone at his job loves him too. The men have one thing that made them so different is their perspective. Stay positive in everything.

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