What to believe

I don’t intend to ever get insulting I love everyone even if they do bad things I just don’t love the bad things they do. I think everyone is flawed like Bewolf said. So therefore I don’t judge. I do however help others break bad habits and make good clean fun habits. Anything can be fun it’s up to the person doing whatever the thing will be. Excuses never get anyone anywhere, show up show out, work it like you own it cause you do. Your your own brand. Noone else can be you so it’s up to you to be what you want. I believe life is full of obstacles to make us stonger. I think some people die early because their minds weren’t ready for the temptations of this world, so they were allowed to be destroyed for that reason alone. I do not condone the killing of anyone in anyway.

I am a positive person, a writer for the light side at the end of days. I’m thankful to have this opportunity and I hope anyone that doesn’t believe in Jesus /Yehweh knows that I love them and I’m praying for you to find the truth before it’s to late. If you don’t believe me ask yourself why are they putting curses in all the music.

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