Braking Point

Sometimes in life, it’s time to consider changing the influences around someone. If someone is the most positive person in a group of people, then chances are, that is what is holding this person back. It’s important to realize what others say over your life can affect you. Surround yourself with the people you want to be. Remember words have power, which makes it extremely important to hit the brakes, to others speaking negative things into your life. Do not let anyone speak negative about your future. Learn to walk away from destructive people, that destroy their own day before it begins. This will not be an easy task, but your breakthrough is worth it. Learning when to stop someone else, or even oneself from speaking negative into one’s life can be challenging. The most challenging things in life have the biggest rewards. Put the brakes on the negative talk. Learning to think before one speaks is a good start. Sometimes it’s necessary to change the place one works to achieve this. Listen to the lyrics of a song, before you sing the song,

over your life Either way life will be happier, when you sync into positive things.

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