Wake Up Man/or Woman be positive

Sometimes it’s just a drop of poison that can spoil the whole day. When is the worst time for this, the morning. The sun comes up, someone doesn’t get enough sleep, and this is where most, will mess up. Remember emotions are tied up in with our sub conscious mind. This means that all the power, is ours to create what kind of day we want. The problem is people have been programed to complain, when they wake up, which steals your blessing. Imagine you have a big gallon container of your favorite drink, it’s just right, the way you like it. Then someone comes with a big dog, and as they walk past you, you see a bag of dog poo tied to the back of their book bag. Only it’s leaking, and just as they pass you, it leaks straight into your drink. The dog poo is waking up and complaining the drink is your day. One complaint can spoil the whole day.

I believe it is possible to reclaim your day do not lose hope. The way I have learned is use more emotion that used when complaining to boast about the day. Practice talking to the day with the highest amount of positive energy, you have. I will have a positive day! I will have a prosperous day. I will have full brain compacity all day. I love mornings. I will get that job. I will get that raise. I will be the man/the woman. Practice talking to your day. The experiments have been done for you. There have been scientist that talk to water both positive and negative then froze the water. Can you guess what happened.

The person that can control their tongue can control their whole body. James3:2

The truth is no matter what religion someone is into, the fact always remains the same the tongue and what someone days matters. This means even singing along to the wrong songs can have a negative affect on the day. Plug into songs with a positive messege. Your day is worth it.

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