Thank you for this day being awesome thank you for the new free vehicles and the new free building for helping others break bad habits and creating new ones. Thank you for the courage, it takes to put my beliefs out there even though others may view it as hate. I love everyone just hate the evil people do not the person the acts. I’m thankful for the people brave enough, to tell the truth still, and I’m thankful for their safety. I’m thankful for those that share the truth’s vehicles supernaturally lasting. I’m thankful for all of them receiving blessings every where they go. I’m thankful that I am always a student and wise to know that lessons can be learned from anyone. I’m thankful for a place to say I’m thankful. I know that this will all come to pass because I wrote it down on this tablet and made it known.

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  1. Well Done! You have to “think” to “thank”. 👏


  2. Thank you very much for the post and for following. God bless you.


      1. My pleasure 😊✌


    1. Thank you I’m very excited to be a part of your life. I would like to start a prayer group if your interested in being a part of it.


  3. Thanks for liking my “Collecting My Thoughts for June 21” post and for joining my readership! We who are striving with the Lord to bring balance, thankfulness and wisdom to others need to work together. We can never be too thankful and never have too many prayer partners! Count me in and let me know what to join in prayer for. Lately, a young mother I’m mentoring and myself have been connecting with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Reiki practitioners wickken/witch and masonic people as well as a young husband raised by two mothers.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely join in your prayers. Pray for wisdom in dealing with the enemy. My prayers are always with the speakers of Truth.

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