Bad Words

I have been speaking about negative words, and how they affect someone using, or hearing them. The evidence that being around cursing makes others pick it up could maybe be found in accents. When someone moves somewhere, they usually have an accent, from a different place. If that person lives in said new, place for five, years then the accent is different again.

When someone wants to change their lifestyle, the first thing they should try is surrounding them self with a bunch of really, successful, smart people. Hanging around with the same crowd when one wants change, results in failure unless, the whole group is willing to change.

In the first few years, of a child’s life they are like a sponge, soaking up information. It is important to make a clean safe environment, this includes clean air from filthy words. Negative words bring, negative consequences. Positive words make positive things happen. Remember thoughts, and complaining both count. The thing that someone thinks about is eventually what comes about. Words have power, thoughts have power. This means it’s important to use words with wisdom and remember that everyone has two ears and one mouth. This means listening is twice as important than talking. Hearing is just as important, but that is for another article.

Negative words can instantly change the day for the worst.

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