The time for planning is over, it’s time to take action. Anyone can think about the day, week, or year, but what action are they taking to fulfill that vision. It starts with one action, to gain momentum, but without that action it’s still just thought, or ideas. So how does someone turn the thought or ideas into action? To turn thoughts and ideas into action it’s important to learn to do something towards the idea. Think of it like this. There are two children sitting in a room, and they both know there’s one ice cream left in the freezer. They are both thinking about it, until one of them gets up and grabs it. The child left is still thinking about the ice cream, but the child that got up is enjoying it, because they put their thought into action. The same principle applies to dieting yet there are people that will talk about dieting, and think about dieting, yet are still the same because they never put it into action. This is a cycle that can go on someone’s whole life, if they keep doing the same thing with no action. Someone that wants a promotion, and talks about it, and thinks about it all the time the time, can get passed over by the person that puts what they want into action. They do this with action, by coming in early, staying late, going the extra mile by putting what they want into action. Procrastinating can be a sign of defeat because our mind is programed for defeat.


Do not accept defeat! It’s time to put what one wants into action. Procrastinating is the worst bad habit when someone wants something, they should use action. When they procrastinate they are standing still, or backing up and the other contenders are coming for that ice cream. Are you going to let them take your ice cream you’ve been dreaming about? What about that promotion? Are you going to get it, or let the new guy pass you by. Be a doer not a procrastinator.

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