Am I Addicted?

  • Chances are the answer is yes! Addiction comes in many shapes and sizes. Someone may be addicted to yelling, because one never knows. The truth is anger is an addiction that destroys beautiful souls.

  • Anger is another addiction to learn more about anger see anger article.
  • Fear can have two meanings, depending on who it affects, and  how it affects them. 
  • 1. Forget everything and run. 
  • 2. Face everything and rise.
  • Fear has a way of bringing people to the very place, they fear the most. Sometimes in order to get out of these situations it’s important to stop giving fear the energy, and give it to faith. Have faith that things will go better than planned. Don’t just believe it’s coming, visualize it happening now. Visualize what is wanted instead of what one expects. It is as if, this bad habit, works with all other bad habits. People say they have habits for a number of reasons. The way to find out if the habit is controlling someone is to eliminate the stressful situation that one says is causing the habits in the first place. Does said person look for another excuse to use? Do they constantly find any stressful reason or excuse to use. Remember there is hope. img_20190406_175611247_burst000_cover

When learning how easy it is to be addicted, some will be skeptical and say they can always quit. Habits can be beat no matter how addicted the person is. There is help. If you or someone you know has an addiction, there is hope.

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