The cost of addiction

What has my addictions cost me ? addiction cost more than most people realize. Most people have addictions they don’t even notice or realize that they are addicted. The cost of addiction is a hard thing to figure unless one is honest with their self. Remember, being negative is also an addiction. I know some may not believe this so I will say this if you don’t believe anger is addi time look up chemical the brain releases when someone is angry. It is healthier to be positive and excited, than negative and angry. It’s a hard thing to be excited when their is bumper to bumper traffic, but I promise you that if you stay excited when bad stuff happens, life starts getting better. The habit of getting angry can raise the blood pressure then people yell, honk horns, more people get upset. This can cause negative impacts that ripple through a whole town. This is just the cost of one addiction. There are many addictions and I am guilty of a few of them. Some addictions are dangerous and I need everyone to know I have been there and I am here for anyone to talk if they need to. I started this site to help others break bad habits. Focus on what we want instead of what we think because what we focus on is what is going to determine the day. Focus on good excitement if someone can not find something that excites them, chances are they have habits, and addiction blockimg their happiness from progressing. I’d like to thank everyone for your prayers. Keep everything positive 😎


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  1. Lovely piece….very illuminating 🙂

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