If you want to quit you can

The most important part of being positive is staying positive. It takes a positive perspective to be determined. Habits are not easy to break without motivation and constantly checking oneself. Checking oneself is exhausting, but necessary for someone to successfully ignore triggers. Stay away from toxic people and places that cause triggers. Aplace that’s toxic is anywhere there is temptation to use. People that encourage someone to continue habits when they know said person is quitting is a toxic person that triggers said person to use.

Triggers can be a number of different things. The point about triggers is to recognize when they are coming so that someone can control them before they catch them by surprise. Quitting cigarettes showed me just how many triggers there can be. Stress, sex, food, situations, waking up, going to sleep, and many other things can be a triggers. Remembering where each trigger lies and how to avoid them from changing the will of ones mind can be just the medicine someone needs to be done with the habit.

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