Who I Am

My name is James D. Carter I have flaws like anyone else, yet keep learning. Things can always be different than I perceive things to be. I am not perfect, but I am positive therefore I can be what I want. I have learned that the morning when I wake up is the most important thing for my day is to meditate, pray, and get into that positive mode.

Staying positive all day is a challenge I’ve developed tricks throughout the day to keep myself positive.

Positive songs I make them up as I go but I’m going to grow at the same time cause I’m going to stay positive in every rhyme . Gotta stay positive gotta be free gotta keep living in victory I give Praise to God cause He lives in me. I’m just basically saying positive statements all day it’s in a song or just something I’m just saying as the day keeps seeming long with all the struggles and trials I’m going to keep growing in everything every mile going to stay positive even while things are going wrong that’s when I’m going to sing a song wish that everybody would sing along but I’m going to to keep singing louder cause I know I’m not wrong I could never be prouder of myself. I am going to keep learning and asking for help. James D. Carter breakingbadhabits.help breakingbadhabits4.com

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